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Summer EP

by Dominique Leone

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40/60 06:39
4 - 0 - 6 - 0
(I've got something to say to you.) I feel that it's been too long, And I can't hold back, so strong. Well I wonder if you saw me. I didn't try to hide, but I need to win your love. I need to make you mine! I need to make you mine! Something's got to give, baby, 'Cause my heart can't take the weight. Say it's not too late.
records are so much fun records are second to none records are so much fun records are second to none records are the way i choose to entertain myself records are neat sounding unbeatable records look so good and yet they take so little space records are here nothing there to erase records make a man into a world celebrity records are good records are right for me records are so much fun records are second to none records are so much fun records are second to none
So New 03:59
Stop to look at all the data; no time, I'll check it later. Compiling information, pointless investigation. Need to rest my eyes, need to find a needle in the pile. Prize the mundane. What you looking at? I've got a job to do, I think I've found something new, so new, So new. (What?) I need an answer to... (Who?) Just won't do (Here) Compiling information, (There) Pointless investigation. (Must) Keep on searching for (Some) Thing different, better, more, Almost through! What you looking at? I've got a job to do, I think I've found something new, so new. So new. It's just a little too much, I've gotta try to back up, And look it over somehow. I wanna see what I got, got a feeling a lot, but I'm stuck, Can't see what I mean. Stop, and look at all the data, I missed something, I need to... The volume's too demanding, My filter notwithstanding. My vision's failing me, Got to learn how to be free again, Step away! Who am I talking to? I've got a job to, I think I've found something new, so new. So new.


All songs performed/produced by Dominique Leone (except the remixes of course!)

Thanks to Sandy, my family, R.Stevie Moore, Wobbly, Brian Allen, Matt Ingalls, Shayna Dunkelman, William Winant, Jordan Glenn, Aaron Novik, Jacob Zimmerman, Corey Fogel, Davin Givhan, Curtis McKinney, Jann-Marius Dahle, Rafter Roberts

Notes on the tunes:
1. "40/60"
This was written in 2006, but has mutated through a few versions before arriving at what you hear on this EP. The title refers to the notion that people are never really defined as 100% something or another, they're combinations and ratios of different things. Say, 40% gay, 60% straight; 40% conservative, 60% liberal; 40% sure about this, 60% sure about that. Feel free to use your own numbers!

2. "WISH YOU COULD BE HERE (Kango's Broken Hearts Club mix)"
This is a remix of a tune that I haven't yet released, but given a fab treatment by the great Kango's Stein Massiv out of Oslo. I met Kango on tour a couple of years back, and we've been friends ever since. The tune is pretty much a straight love/lust song, but he gives it a nice, slow-burning edge.

Cover of R.Stevie Moore's 1977 tune. Love this song, love the sentiment, love the fact that it could just as easily apply to any physical (or digital) music media you care to name (and in fact RSM later did a related song, "Cassettes"). Originally recorded for an online RSM tribute album, but I ended up liking the track so much, I put it here too. :)

4. "Red, Gold & Yellow on White"
Title is an homage to Mark Rothko's paintings, as I was really into him at the time (and still am!) I think this was recorded in early-ish 2006, around the time some of the tunes on Abstract Expression were done -- though actually before *any* of my records came out! What can I say, I have a backlog. Samples are AMM and John Zorn, and a random radio talk show host talking about the Academy Awards.

5. "SO NEW"
This song is about the feeling of digging thru data on the internet, trying desperately to connect threads, make sense of what I'm reading, or just find something *new*. It's a bit depressing for me to think that most of the info I see on the internet has been recycled countless times, as if repeating (or retweeting) something somehow reinforces it in a meaningful way. Somtimes, IRL it does have this effect, in the same way as a preacher might repeat a phrase or refrain to heighten the emotional weight and impact. But on the web, I see a lot of "info" as pollution, and further dismayed to realized how quickly I am sucked into it.

6. "I'M THE POLICE (Rafter mix)"
Rounding things out is Rafter's super clean mix of "I'm the Police". I met Rafter in Austin at this year's SXSW festival, after having remixed one of his tunes. Great musician, and really nice guy who has also been in the commercial music biz for over a decade!

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released July 12, 2010


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Dominique Leone New York, New York

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