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by Dominique Leone

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UB313 04:30
Planet UB313!
DAMMMMN, let me tell-you-a-bout this girl I know for years. She's fine--- I don't want to build her up, but she's pretty much the prettiest girl I've ever seen. But wait! There's something else, something maybe kinda big. I've been keeping-a little secret (shhh don't tell), I've been keeping-a little secret. She's my friend, and not the kind-you-see once-in-a while, no. but my BFF, my confidant, the girl I trust with everything. What--- oh lord, what-do-I do? Can't-I-have my-cake-and eat-it-all too? Life gets weird when you fuck your friends, it's the last thing you ever should do! Now, every time-I-go out-she'll-be hanging-a round, my life's-upside down And what-do-you think-that-she'd do if I talktosomeother girls? That-there's-the rub. DAMMMMN, I-don't-wanna-talk bad on the girl, but I'm not in love, not in that way, I think you know just what I'm saying Please lord! DAMMMMN, don't-wanna-hurt-no-one, my favorite one, the one who'd be there for me if she wasn't-so underneath me Please lord, oh please! Life gets weird when you fuck your friends, it's the last thing you ever should do! Life gets strange if you cross the lines, I'm wasting my time, and losing-the best friend that I ever had!
A Cat Errand 03:07
Apple & Pear 03:21
Untie 04:06
Overtones! 03:18
moses was a man, yes he was
Pouring 02:58
Draw a circle with your own hand, make it good. Perfectly round, on a paper; Isn’t it hard? All the good shit takes a long time coming. Get a new love, No matter what you do, never work if you’re trying too hard. That’s how you know that you’re probably not Doing it right-- Everything’s hard, and you don’t know why. Doing it right— Hardly feels bad , never feels wrong. Tie a ribbon-- But you only use muscles in the back of your tongue Funny how life gets tied up, innit? But you don’t mind, Haters gonna hate, never be late to your own thing. ‘Member what you got, who you are, you’re… Doing it right-- Nothing’s too much and you know what’s real. Day and night-- Doing it right, doing it so right--- Take a good look, all around you, whatcha see? People hiding, people hoping nobody knows, ‘Bout all the shit they keep deep inside. Shame on a dude, Who can never see what he really wants until it’s too late. Listen to your heart, it’ll say you’re… Doing it right-- Nothing’s too hard ‘cause you know what’s real. Day and night-- Doing it right, doing it so right---
Can't 01:54
Butter 02:33
Don't wanna go outside Don't wanna have no fun Don't wanna hear the birds singing Don't wanna see the sun Just wanna walk away now No, I just wanna run I'm gonna walk away now Don't wanna have no fun I'm gonna walk away now, I don't wanna have no fun But oh, they say it's nice this time of year! I wanna get high I wanna get high Don't wanna see nobody Don't want nobody to see me Don't wanna hurt nobody Don't wanna watch TV They say it's nice this time of year, but I can't tell And it all looks the same to me And it's hot as hell! Don't bother calling, I won't pick up Don't bother knocking, I won't get up Don't bother texting, please no texting Just go away, I've given up.
Sandy Hi 01:28
Guiwenneth 05:13
V1=32, then 16 ______________ Don't think that You should just Give in or Up, No-ooo On the thing What ever You oo-oo Love love, love Most of all E- ee-ee Ven when or If or when No- no, no One seem to Loves hearts-- You you-- Al- kinds of Ways that you Take care of Your own--. Heart beats-- At a pace, Its beats are Word -s'to hear E- Ee-- Ven When-- when No-- No other Words no words Will ever E- eh-- Ver ver-- Do---------------- Don't for-get Give yourself Up to the No -thingness. Don't ever Give into Up endings Now No-- Keep Going Your -e Winning Head rising Up to the Dreams Mat-ter Do just what Come -s nat'rlly True love!-- CHORUS ______ Home is Where the heart is, and you know that it's true. Just because you're blue, black doesn't mean you're all the way through. And you know that it's true. Go for it----- Don't Give Up-----


One track per day in January 2013, updated every few days.


released January 1, 2013


all rights reserved



Dominique Leone New York, New York

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